So during the long week, I was able to buy 4 books with the birthday money I got from my parents, aunt, and grandparents.

I was pretty happy since most of the books I was able to get are the ones I’ve been wanting, especially City of Fallen Angels.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare is one of the books I’ve been waiting for months and hopefully the second book of The Infernal Devices is out soon.

I’ve been loving Sarah Dessen’s books especially This Lullaby, so when I saw a paper bound copy of Along for the Ride, I immediately bought it along with City of Angels.

Actually, I’ve been eyeing Lisa Mantchev’s Eyes like Stars book. At first, I wanted it because of the pretty cover. But when I saw Suzanne Colin’s name at the bottom of the book; I knew I had to get it. Suzanne Colin author of the Hunger Games series. One of the best books I’ve read. Hopefully Suzanne Colin’s isn’t wrong recommending Eyes like Stars.

And lastly, Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. Of course, I bought it because it was 20% off at PowerBooks and I haven’t even read the first book yet. Then again, I haven’t read a lot of books that my mom got me. The books are piling here.

Hopefully, I get to read them once I have time.

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    Well fine you read it first since you read fast naman. :))
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    YAY. But, uhm, I guess Jonna can go first if she wants. XDDD
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    But Bessi, I told you that I’m going to lend you CoFA once I’m done